Thursday, 31 March 2011

Some random thoughts while riding...

The weather people predicted sunny spells and wind - LOTS of wind. 40km/h of wind.
They were right on the money!
So todays ride of 56.7 miles in 3:27:30 was a real mixture. Some wind assisted WHEEEEEEEEE, and quite a lot of URRRRRGH into said wind!
Still - there WILL be weather in Cumbria in May - so I'd better get used to it :o)

Today is my Mum's birthday!
Happy Birthday Mum :)

If there IS anything that happens after we die, she would have been looking down on me as I rode in the sunshine and strong winds today, and I think she would have been smiling, because I'm training for this challenge!

1120 total miles
30,000+ total METRES of ascent and descent
all done in 10 identical and consecutive daily circuits around Lakeland.

There are some who think it's bonkers - and others who think I'll not be able to complete it.

But I'm doing it to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer support.


The statistics say that 1:3 of us will be affected directly or indirectly by cancer in our lifetimes.
I have experienced that 3 times already!
My Mum almost certainly died from an undetected bowel cancer, which means that she didn't benefit personally from the input that the wonderful Macmillan Nurses provide.
She HAD benefited from that support when she was caring for her own mother who died as a result of pancreatic cancer though.

This morning my lovely wife was in another country, while *her* mother was in theatre. She had done a home test which had picked up the fact that she had an asymptomatic bowel cancer.
Hopefully it was caught really early, and she won't need the input of Macmillan!

The local fundraising manager called me today. We had a fantastic chat about the 10 Fred Whittons challenge and what Macmillan could do to help me.
The bottom line is, I am well and preparing to take on something that I KNOW is going to push me to my limits. Their support and the fact that they are clearly incredibly grateful for my little effort is enough to be honest. For a big charity, they act like a very small one.  I have been absolutely blown away by their input.  I couldn't ask for more really!

But what is 10 days of self-inflicted hardship compared to that which some people live with daily and will do until the end of their lives?

It's a chance to put something back - just because I can. And because I want to.

I set a target of £10 per mile on my JustGiving site - it's a random kind of round number.
I'm currently up to £0.21 per mile!

My most heartfelt thanks to the folk who have supported me thus far :o)

Funny old day. Not quite sure how I feel about it..

All of those things.

I would love to be able to hit my random target - because many of us, at sometime will be affected by cancer either directly or indirectly - and will be very grateful for the work of Macmillan then.

But I'm just one very small person in the greater scheme of things. I'm not well known. I'm not in the public eye.
So I will do what I can - and that will have to be enough! :)

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  1. Happy Little Vegemite31 March 2011 at 19:56

    EVERYONE is very small in the grand scheme of things, it's just that some do big - huge - unbelievable things! I think you qualify :) You may not be in the public eye (yet!) but you are inspiring more of us small specks to go out and do our own big things, and that cannot be bad. Hoorah for Bees and bikes and specks!