Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sunny Scotland

It's a gorgeous day up in Ayrshire today. The roads were still a little damp from some overnight drizzle, but it was clearing up nicely.
I didn't get away quite as early as I should have and the windiness was from a direction that made it was mostly from the side on the way out, and I was mostly riding into it on the way back.

The view from just after Knockenden Reservoir across the Firth of Clyde was spectacular.

I did the same route as I did last weekend so I knew what was coming throughout it.
Unfortunately the conditions delayed me by over 10 minutes, and so I arrived back almost too late for an important family visit, causing stress that really wasn't needed.

A case of getting priorities wrong that! :o(

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow, because that's put me in a bit of a tail spin

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