Thursday, 14 April 2011

Real Life - and Training

I set out on todays ride with a plan to be out for no more than 3 hours. There is some pretty important and significant family stuff going on at the moment, and it is very much the priority.
A 3 hour ride would give me plenty of time to get home before my lovely wife came home for lunch, and I turned the volume up on my 'phone so that I could hear if it rang or 'pinged' to tell me I had a message!

It didn't ring - but it pinged 6 times. All emails - no texts :o)

I decided to do my 42 mile circuit and add in what I thought was a 10 mile extra loop. I realised too late that it was more like a 25 mile loop - and that definitely wasn't in the plan. So I worked out an alternative that I had looked at in the past but not ridden before which I reckoned would save me about 10 miles.
In the end it didn't - my total distance was 61.6 miles - but I was riding well, and it only took 3:30 riding time - 3:41 with stops to check the phone!

As rides go I was pleased with this one. Although it was further than I planned I wasn't out too long, and I was riding reasonably well!
And I got back in plenty of time to make Lorna some lunch which I put on the table as she walked in through the door.

The life stuff continues, and is really quite worrying. But it's not anything that we can do anything about. That said, supporting my wife is far more important than training is :o)

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