Thursday, 21 April 2011

Busy Busy Busy

OK - when did 'Life' forget that I am training for something that I'm going to find very hard?
Can someone please inform it that I would appreciate the time to get out and ride my bike a bit ;o)
It's been a mad busy week with one thing and another. All really important stuff revolving around family, work, and the small mater of trying to sell our house. And I really don't know where some of the days have disappeared to.
So I have done less training that I would have liked - but have managed to pick it back up again in the last two days.
Shorter rides - 42 miles and 31 miles - which I have ridden a little harder, and have concentrated on maintaining a high cadence and keeping the pedal stroke really smooth.

Riding my bike regularly, which is pretty new to me, has proved to be an exponential learning curve. It seems I learn something new every time I go out, and I feel that I am riding a great deal better now than say, a couple of months ago. This is all good stuff! And considering that the start of my 10 Freds Challenge is only now 3 WEEKS away, that is a good thing.

Time to ramp up the miles and do some back-to-back long rides, and do finetuning of my climbing technique.

It's come around pretty quickly!

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