Friday, 22 April 2011

Decent days training

I have been doing physical stuff since 09:30
A long coaching session with a new person which went very well, but is pretty exhausting if I'm honest. And then I got the nod that I wouldn't be driving to Scotland tonight, so I took the opportunity for a decent ride.
I slightly misjudged the heat though, and didn't take enough fluids with me. So when I ran out at 35 miles - I decided to cut the ride short to a little over 50 miles rather than thrash myself too much.

It was a cracking ride 53.4 miles in 3:02 and despite it being a Bank Holiday, there was surprisingly little traffic, and very few Irate Idiots on the road. In fact the closest I got to any sort of 'interaction' with other road users was a Mr Very Fat Bloke On A Big Suzuki, who misjudged his width as he came around the outside of me on a Left Hand bend, and got way too close for comfort.

So only one Near Death Experience in 3 hours. Around here that's a quiet day :o)


  1. Just heard about your challenge via Kim Sayers on Twitter. I'm doing the Fred on Sunday and completely can't comprehend doing it 10 days straight! Are you going to get a Twitter account for the event? I think you'll get loads of attention and build quite a following. In the meantime I'm adding your blog to my reading list. Best of luck with it all.

  2. John - I have a Twitter account which I'll update as I go - I'm @Mr_eL_Bee
    Have a great ride on Sunday :o)