Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It was quite windy today! And (to borrow a phrase someone else used this morning) the temperature was unexpectedly seasonally normal! :o)
So Long arms and windproof gilet were the order of the day - and I was SO glad of them!!
For the first 42 miles said wind wasn't at all helpful, but I was pleased with the way I was riding, averaging around 17mph, and not having to work hard for it.

About 30 miles from home I was informed by my lovely wife that she had arrived safely in Scotland. And from shortly after that I was treated to a few sections of tailwind.
Because of a plethora of jobs that I had had to do this morning, this ride was the one that best fitted in to the time available.

Suffered a slight 'chafing' at the seat/undercarriage interface. This is not something I've had before, so I'll keep a bit of an eye on it. A slight seat position adjustment feels like it is needed!

Hopefully having a short ride in company tomorrow - that would be excellent

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