Sunday, 1 May 2011

Still fiddling with things

It was pretty windy out there today!
So I was pleased with a 60 mile ride in under 3:30, and having loads of juice left in my legs.
I've fiddled with my riding position again.
i felt like I was over-reaching, so I have put a 20mm shorter stem on. It felt LOADS better today, but the knock on was that my seat was slightly too far forward. So I've tweaked that this evening and I'll give it a go tomorrow!

Less than 2 weeks until I start circulating the Lake District :o)

And I'm feeling much more confident about it now. I'm knocking out reasonable mileage without getting too tired, and I'm pacing my longer rides far better. That, and I'm simply feeling much stronger.
I've been having a think about what I'll need to take with me for essential bike maintenance, although my lovely hosts at Oakdene have bikes themselves, and there are plenty of decent LBS's about the place :o)

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