Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ask and...... well, you know.....

It's amazing how the Collective mind of people can make more things happen than an individual on their own. Well, I suppose it isn't, but it does go to show that even when you have a project that is essentially 'yours', it can be hugely improved by the input of other people.

And for those people (you know who you are - and I won't try to name you all) who have supported me, suggested things, given me advice, and the like I want to thank you :o)

I have an email today from the folk at Cyclewise at Whinlatter. A number of people had mentioned them, some of my 'fat-tyre' friends have obviously used them quite a bit and have been incredibly positive about them, and I followed up the suggestion to call them and see if there was any mileage in asking them if I could use them as a stop off point to sort out drinks and the like, but also to glance over the bike as it will get quite a hammering over the 10 days.

I had a chat with them on the phone, and the response that I got was really positive, and I was asked to email a few details about what I'm up to. I did that last night, and this morning I had a reply!

They are more than happy for me to use the shop as a drinks stop and somewhere to have a bite to eat. But more than that, they have offered to check the bike over both before I start, and during the 10 days and make sure that it doesn't let me down. They have been incredibly generous with the offer they have made too. Brilliant!
AND they are hopefully going to put something in their next newsletter....
AND they are going to see if they can get some riders out to give me some company.

Considering that they've never met me - I am totally blown away by this.

There's a clicky link thing over there --->

I am collecting a fantastic group of people who are going out of their way to help me on this endeavour, and I can't really express how grateful I am. I hope that it'll come across in the things I write as the days pass.

Just a week to go.

Exciting, isn't it! :o)


  1. Good eh! :o)
    You ready, Flip?

  2. The generosity of some people (and I don't necessarily mean financial) is quite moving!

    Very best of luck to you Leon, I know your challenge will be a huge success!! :-)

  3. Thanks Mrs J :o)
    I quite agree. People can be quite amazing :o)

  4. Ain't that good!! Seems like you're ready for the "job"!!

    Greetz, Jacky

  5. I'm looking forward to it, Jacky :o)
    Just have to make sure I ride all of Hardknott each day now.
    €20 for each successful ascent, wasn't that what you pledged? ;o)
    I may have to let you off the successful ascent when I did the Lakeland Loop a few weeks ago ;o)