Thursday, 12 May 2011

The journey up

Goodness it's been a busy day!
I left early so that I could fit in everything that I needed to today.
A visit to Team Nutrition to finalise the fluids and recovery plan and to stock up in the things I needed.
Then headed across to see Paul who organises the Fred Whitton to pick up the timing cards and have a chat about LOADS of stuff. It was fantastic to meet him finally. He very generously gave me A Fred Whitton T-shirt. Once I have completed at least one circuit, I'll wear it with pride :)

Then I hammered (carefully on Cumbrian roads!!) to Whinlatter to poke my head in at Cyclewise and say hello - drop a couple of things off. And on top of what they are ALREADY doing for me, they gave me a Buff (I LOVE Buffs!!) and a couple of drinks bottles.

I'm becoming a mobile advertising hoarding ;o)
And I'm very happy to do that!!

Then I headed to Oakdene where the gorgeous Sarah was baking some fresh cookies. Wonderful :o)
Work is never far away, and I had to run down to the Post Office to post a couple of parcels that needed to go out today, before I could finally sit down and relax!!

I have loads of sorting out to do so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Here is a link to the GPS tracking thingy that I'm going to use.
I KNOW that there is very poor phone coverage over Kirkstone, and after Loweswater, so when the virtual *me* doesn't move, it's more than likely a technical issue :)

Here is the LINK
Can you check that it's working and shows me on a map somewhere and let me know if it isn't working



  1. Hopefully you are in Beechwood Close, Bowness

  2. I am - glad that it's working :o)