Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sweet Spot

The wife booted me out of the door for a LONG ride this morning. I had loosely planned to do just over 100 miles, which is a route that I do with a little extra bit added in.
I had it in my mind where the turn off was, but when I got there, I realised that the last time I'd done this variation, it was in the opposite direction.... OOPS!

So I carried on on the 86 mile loop that I was on :o)
Besides, I've not seen the wife for a week - family stuff - and if I'm honest, I didn't want to be out for all of the main part of the day.

It's an undemanding ride (as long as there isn't any wind) for the most part, and today the conditions were great. Cooler than yesterday but there was a slight breeze that seemed to be in my face all day.

The thing that was most noticeable was the sheer numbers of flies that were about. The biggish ones that look to have a hook (like jets have when they land on aircraft carriers) hanging under their abdomens. They are clearly not very aerodynamic, because the fly slowly - but they still smart a bit when you hit them at 20+mph!! There were THOUSANDS of them out in the country lanes today. And the greenfly obviously thought I was a plant :-O

I've been noticing all sorts of things as I do more riding. I'm not an experienced cyclist, so many things are new to me.
I'm more comfortable riding on the drops than the hoods or the tops for the most part.
I find that maintaining a high cadence is also easier in that position.
There is a 'sweet spot' with cadence, where is all smooths out and feels 'light' for want of a better word. For me, that is around 95 rpm. Drop below 90 and the timing seems to go, and it feels a 'bogged down' - much higher than 105 and I also lose the smoothness.

And the odd phenomenon of legs fatiguing progressively, and inexplicably 'coming back' to me. This seems to happen at around 70 miles or 4 hours.  I'm fascinated by this and wonder if there is an explanation for it

There were loads of riders out today - wonder how many were avoiding their families or hyper-manic-chocolate-fuelled children..??

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