Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Elementary Errors

It was a lovely day again for a decent ride-out. A couple of delays - another unexpected Taxi(EvilStep)Dad occurrence, and some work things that had to be done this morning meant that I left later than I had planned to.

I'd looked at the 64 miles route that I've done a couple of times in the past, but thought that it would be a little bit far at this point, so I worked out a shorter version. There are more climbs on this ride, and in the direction that I did it today, more miles that are uphill.
I also misread the wind direction on the weather forecast, and ended up with the majority of the ride into it. All good endurance/climbing training by stealth ;o)

There were quite a few cyclists out and about today too, which made a nice change.

And so the elementary errors. 50+ miles is going to take me over 3 hours. So I'll NEED to take drinks and some emergency rations - makes sense doesn't it!

I forgot!

Very silly - and I've spent most of the rest of the day playing catch up!

Now - a question.
My rear derailleur isn't indexing the gear changes very well. I'm having to over-push to change down, and clicking up works mostly OK apart from between the 6th and 7th sprockets (it's 9-speed cassette) I've cleaned it all up and squirted GT85 through the cable outers, and I think it's moving OK - could it be that the derailleur pulley wheels are worn (there is quite a lot of play in the upper one) and they are the ones that came with the bike over 3000 miles ago.

If it is that, what would be a decent replacement?

One of my arbitrarily set goals was to start knocking out 50 mile segments in under 3 hours , and today I did that - 2:51, actually. So that was quite pleasing. And I seem to have recovered reasonably well too!
I'm seeing Justine my physio, tomorrow. She wants to do some work freeing up my hamstrings.

It's SO going to hurt!

Lots going on tomorrow too, so I'll only get in a short ride in the morning

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