Tuesday, 22 March 2011

That's better :o)

It was another lovely day here in the Midlands. I was a little delayed getting out this morning due to an unexpected Taxi(EvilStep)Dad moment, but in a way that was quite fortunate, because it had warmed up perfectly for a Shorts and Short-sleeved cycling top ride.

I decided that I'd try my knee out on my 'standard' 42 mile circuit. It's not challenging and is a great time-in-saddle kind of route. I planned to work slightly harder than I have on the last couple of rides, but still focusing on keeping the cadence pretty high and the effort on the lower side.

There was a bit of a headwind on the first section to 6 miles or so, and it is nett uphill, and I was really surprised to be averaging about 18mph at the roundabout where I take note of such things. Dry roads and not too much traffic helps though ;o)

By 21 miles I was batting along quite nicely, thinking that my altered riding position was not only kinder to my knee but also letting me get more power down for the same effort. Mostly it was just enjoyable though!

It ended up as 42 miles in 2:11:25, an average of 19.1mph.
I'm not sure where this pace for effort is coming from, but I'm not complaining.

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