Wednesday, 2 March 2011

6 days After my Knee Arthroscopy

A quick update on the state of play with my knee and my enforced 2 week rest...

It is very clear that Mr Different Knee Surgeon did quite a lot more firtling with my knee this time (I had an ineffective procedure back in the Summer) because I ended up with a bruide and swelling that extended almost down to my ankle, and the main insertion site has remained slightly tender.

That said, it has never been painful, as such. My knee doesn't like being knocked or twisted, so there is still some swelling inside the joint.

I've been keeping it mobile, perhaps doing slightly more than I should have, but I'm very pleased with the progress so far. It's fine to walk around a fair amount and I'm contemplating turning the legs over really gently on the turbo a little to see how it is doing. The good thing about being on the bike is that it moves in a single plane and there is no twisting.

I DO have my physio appointment tomorrow though, so I'll see what I'm advised then.

If I compare the recovery to last time, it's looking very similar, so I'm reasonably confident that the 2 weeks I was told is likely to be pretty accurate.

Whether or not the procedure has done what it should have done remains to be seen, and is something that I'll not know for the best part of a couple of months

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