Monday, 21 March 2011

Physio does the [rolls eyes] thing!

I've been a little frustrated with the progress of my knee this week. After my ride on Monday it was a little tender. OK, I *did* have my seat a little high, but I didn't think that I'd done any mischief.

A couple of long drives and a busy week meant that I didn't cycle as much as I'd planned to, but even with that rest, I went to my physio appointment today a little disgruntled. There was discomfort in the back of my knee,it really doesn't like any twisting, and has become slightly tender to touch in the same area that hurt before.

I pointed out the areas that I was concerned about, and Justine set to working out what was going on. The back of that knee was a bit swollen.
Hadn't expected that!
And she set to 'work' on a specific area - you know what I mean, the kind of work that makes you actually break out into a sweat.
Physios DO seem to enjoy doing that, don't you think?

"Soft tissue stuff," she said "I'm going to have to have a PROPER go at this"

I'm sure I heard a whip crack then ;o)

I was also given a stern talking to about not having worked on my flexibility and range of movement - oops!

I have 'til Thursday to rectify this - and I'm preparing for a World of Pain!

As for the part of my knee that has been operated on.... she told me that I'm "ONLY 3 weeks out [rolls eyes] and I'm happy with your progress"

So the good news is that I tweaked something because of an incorrectly adjusted riding position, and my knee is making reasonable progress.
It's not a problem on the bike at all. The last couple of rides have been 20 and 30 miles at 19+ mph and not having to work hard for that. So that is really encouraging.
The warmer days with more daylight hours undoubtedly helps too - it's nice being able to ride in shorts and a short-sleeved cycle top again!

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