Sunday, 13 March 2011

Riding in the sun

On Friday I took the bike back out on the road. I chose to do my standard 30 mile circuit and to keep the effort level down.
It was a really nice day: sunny with a bit of wind and it was just really nice to be back outside on the bike! I realised fairly early on that my seat was a little high, and the slight toe-down position put a bit of unwanted stress on the outside of my recovering knee. So once I got back it was a little tender and really didn't like being twisted even a little bit.

So I had a fiddle with the position. Down a bit and back a bit, and decided to have a no-riding day on Saturday. Work was busy anyway, so that ended up being a good decision!!

Today I decided to do the shorter 24+ mile route. The altered riding position felt very comfortable and I was spinning along quite nicely. And for the effort level quite quickly - I assumed that there was a tail wind!!
I was really surprised to look at my average speed at about half distance and see over 18mph - I rarely see that on my training rides, and certainly not at that easy effort level!!

So today was 24.4 mile in 1:18

That's the fastest I've ridden it by a full minute, and 8 minutes faster than the last time I rode it! Either the altered riding position made a huge difference, or the bike is just rolling far better!!!

More importantly, my knee didn't grumble at all afterwards, so I'll stick with this position for a while and see how it pans out.

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