Thursday, 3 March 2011

Physio and good news

Today I saw the physio for my first post-op appointment. I've been given a few exercises to do as there is a bit of muscular atrophy on the operated leg - VMO and calf most noticeably - and have been advised to get on the Turbo trainer for up to 40 minutes at a time, but no more in a single session for the moment.
I've also been advised to avoid deep squats while the new edge of the Lateral Meniscus is settling down.
The fact that there is only minimal swelling in and around the joint was remarked upon, and so my recovery so far is going well.

Todays physio - a triathlete - was interested in the 10 Freds Challenge, and he said he was confident that I'd be fine in terms of getting back to training and timescale for that. Yhis is a good thing!

He was also pretty sure that the tear in the lateral meniscus was the most likely culprit for the problems I have had with running.

So - so far so good.

Next weeks appointment is with Justine again. I'm sure she just wants to see the back of me!

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