Thursday, 24 March 2011

ouch... Ouch!... AAAAAAAAAAARGH!

If you were to meet Justine my physio, you would be fooled into thinking that she was a quiet gentle little thing who couldn't possible hurt anyone or anything.

Seriously - you would!

You would also be gravely mistaken.

I thought that a nice 24 miles in the morning sun would warm my legs up nicely and get the unhurty juices flowing around them.
I also thought that with the work I've been (secretly) doing over the last couple of days, that todays World Of Pain would turn into "Ahhh! That's nice, please do it some more"

and WRONG!

I should have known better. I got a message asking me to come in a bit early if I could and that should have set alarms ringing straight away - but did it? Oh no! Not a bit.
Silly boy!

As it was I couldn't get there much earlier - but I was soon to regret the extra 30 minutes that I had afforded the Queen of Hurt!

To be fair - she DID say that the hurty area was loads better than on Monday - this was the good news.
I knew I was in trouble though when she LOWERED the treatment couch.

Word to the wise - any time your physio lowers the coach - it is to HURT you more!
They can apply more bodyweight ;o)

So - the application of more bodyweight ensured that I didn't just sweat more - I actually made the blue roll dissolve!
And Justine, kept on saying Sorry - but I KNOW she was loving every minute of it!

And she had an extra 30 minutes........ which *I* had given her! :-O

Silly silly boy!!

Oh! And then she covered my in half-a-hundredweight of ice!

Not only did she separate most of my tissues from the bone - she also deep-froze me!!!

Can't wait to see what she has in store for me next week ;o)

On the positive side, I'm building the mileage back up nicely and the knee is coping fine with both longer AND harder, so something is going right.

I have decided to do the Lakeland Loop Sportive on the 10th April as an event-specific training ride.  It's 69 miles and involves most of the second part of the Fred Whitton Route, which is the part that I know least well.  So doing that, and probably checking out most of the route from Lorton onwards in just over a weeks time will give me a good idea of what to expect of that part of the route!  The rest I know quite well anyway :o)

Right - need to see just how bruised I am this evening!!

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