Thursday, 24 February 2011

Knee arthroscopy

The reason for the enforced 2 week break!

The reason that I have been cycling and not running is because I have had an issue with my knee since last January which curtailed my running, but was fine cycling. It is also the reason why the whole idea of a cycling challenge came about as a replacement for the running one that I had been planning to do.

Now it may seem like this is badly timed in terms of training for this - but it had always been factored in to my plans! A fortnight of enforced rest now will be beneficial. I've trained well and worked hard up to and including today (also part of the plan) knowing that I'll have time to completely recover without losing too much conditioning before I can ride again!

The findings today were: A tear on the posterior horn of the medial meniscus *edit* this was tidied up */edit* - Good spot, Amy Bateman of Active Physio  Someone who I would recommend that anyone with any sports-related issues goes to see!!!!;
a 'crack' in the articular cartilage (I need to find out what this is all about);
The ganglion seemed to have been a red-herring;
Grade III oA (on the backside of my patella) which had a Chondroplasty (knew about this too);
and slightly unexpectedly.. a partial ACL tear :-O

How on earth did THAT get missed in the summer?????

I haven't spoken to the surgeon yet about it, but I'm expecting some pretty intense physio and stabilisation work to protect that, and I shall quiz the surgeon at length at my clinic appointment

So - plan is to work like a demon with my rehab stuff so that I can get back on the bike as soon as I can, and find out what the bottom line is with my running when I see the surgeon.

The anaesthetic has wiped me out - so I'm going to bed REALLY early tonight!! :o)

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