Saturday, 19 February 2011

Last one of the week - and what's this....

... "Does that sound like RAIN to you?" I asked Lorna when we eventually woke up.
She concurred, and on checking the forecast (looking out of the window) confirmed that it was indeed, precipitating quite a lot!

Judging by the conditions I found out on the road, it had been for quite a while. The rivers on the main roads had clean water in them, and once I got to the minor roads, there were plenty of Across-The-Whole-Road puddles. And some of them were quite deep!!

I don't know about you, but I find splashing through deep puddles strangely satisfying and unclipping the SPD's to lift my feet like you did when you were a kid, never fails to elicit a smile :o)

The deepest of these had a couple of drivers looking at it and wondering whether they could, in fact, safely drive through it. Me - I accelerated - unclipped - and ploughed through it.

A "Wheeeeeeee..." might even have escaped :o)
It came up to the bottom bracket!!!

Although it has been quite a big training week (for me!) I was quite pleased to be feeling strong if a little fatigued in the last few miles - and to catch and pass quite quickly a group of 6 or 7 cyclists out for a group ride.
The other thing I'm really enjoying about cycling is how friendly the vast majority of fellow pedalists are. It's rare for someone to do the ignore you and stare straight ahead thing, and more often than not the folk who you pass or who pass you will have a little chat.

I like that :)

So today was a wet and windy Scotty Dog 42 and it took 2:32.
Pleased with that

Some geeky stats for the week because I have a date with some houses in Cumbria tomorrow and won't be riding!!

5 rides
258 miles
15 hours 49 mins of riding time
Average pace: 16.31mph

It's been a decent week :o)

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