Monday, 21 February 2011

Longest ride....

..... ever, I think!

I had planned for today to be my long ride, and a chance conversation with a friend who lives in Loughborough and had some kit for us had me scurrying to the Mapping Software to see if a route of the requisite length could be done.

It could - quite easily actually - so I planned a sort-of circular route of a little under 120 miles.

When it came to it - there was quite a bit of wind, from the East - which meant that 40 miles of the outward journey were in to it - and most of that section is a gradual climb!
It was hard work! And those first 62 miles took me 4:14

A cuppa tea and some excellent homemade flapjack really hit the spot, and we had a decent natter before I needed to head back.
I changed my mind about the route - the planned one would have also been into the wind for all but the last 15 miles, so I chose to retrace the way I'd come.

Good decision! Apart from a bit of a 'low' point at around 80 miles, I was pleased with the way I was riding - and I actually started to feel stronger in the last 20 miles. Most odd.

The return was almost 60 miles and took 3:47

The rear mech needs some work though - it became unbelieveably stiff, and shifting to smaller gears almost impossible. Was fine up-shifting though - most odd!

121.87 miles

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