Thursday, 24 February 2011

Enforced 2 week break!

I knew this was coming and so have been loading my training somewhat this month.

Today I have to have an arthroscopy on my right knee.
There is a ganglion cyst that needs decompressing and the suspicion of a small tear or damage to my Lateral Meniscus which needs tidying up. By this evening I'll know for sure (hopefully) and whatever it is that's going on in my knee which has stopped me running but not cycling - no, I can't work that out either! - will have been sorted out.

As for the 2 week break... The surgeon was pretty confident that I'd be back on the bike in two weeks although running would be about 6 weeks. I recovered from another arthroscopy last summer in that timescale, and the physio who will be doing my post-op rehab is VERY keen to get me sorted as soon as possible.

Either that or she just wants me off her books ;o)

I'll be heading to the hospital fairly soon, and my cruel children are making themselves loads of nice smelling breakfast, and my youngest son just offered to make me a cuppa...

I suspect that I'll be chewing my own arms off by the time I wake from the anaesthetic!!


  1. I hope the surgery will go well and that it will solve all your problems. I wish you a speedy recovery!

    All the best,

  2. Thanks Marion :o)
    Unsurprisingly, I hope the same :o)
    I think that my Physio will make sure that my recovery is as rapid as possible. It's almost a point of honour for her I suspect :o)