Wednesday, 16 February 2011

You have FOUR hours....... GO!

Today was one of those days where there was a window of opportunity to get in a brief climbing session with Lorna, as long as her morning didn't over-run, and I got my training ride done efficiently!
What Lorna actually said was, "I'll aim to be home by 1pm, but don't let that stop you having a decent ride!"
I'd done a little bit of 'fettling' with the bike last night, so it wasn't quite ready to simply jump on and ride into the morning sun.... so I didn't get away until 9. But I reckoned that the 65 mile circuit was 'on', but the 70 would be just a little too long.

Although there was ice on the car, it was a decent enough morning, the sun was out and it didn't look as if there was much 'weather' about the place. Slightly damp roads, but otherwise great riding conditions!
I was almost on auto-pilot for the first 20 miles, because it's a section that I do very regularly, although I was slightly perturbed at the Road Closed sign along a section that I NEEDED to ride if I wasn't going to have a long and tedious diversion.
The road was being resurfaced! But I saw a group of cyclists coming the other way and surmised that I could get through.
Technically this was true - although I think the guys doing the road were slightly bemused at the sight of me wending my way through their vehicles! I'll plan to avoid it tomorrow and Friday after which they should be finished!!

The section of this ride that I have only done once before was a little on the muddy side! In that it wasn't possible to see the asphalt at all, and it was somewhat slippery. Still - all good practise!

Once again on reaching the hilliest bit, my legs woke up and started to enjoy themselves. I'm going to have to persuade them that getting 'bored' on gently undulating terrain is not on!!
I'm getting to know that section quite well now, and it becomes easier to picture just how far is left to go.

I was quite pleased that I finished the ride strongly.

Distance: 65 miles
Time: 3:56:35

A decent time-in-saddle/distance ride :o)

Unfortunately he climbing session didn't happen - but instead we discussed some 'organising' that I could get on with this afternoon, which I have now done.....mostly. Just waiting on a couple of 'phone calls.
Looks like we may be popping to the Lakes for a flying visit quite soon!! :o)

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