Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Some proper riding

The roads are pretty mucky at the moment.  With farmers doing farmer'y things and seemingly loads of things requiring large lorries driving on mud then back onto the roads - I found myself regretting having removed my bikes winter garb, because it got ridiculously dirty.

I had another fiddle with my riding position too.

Today I decided to potter around the Scotty Dog 42.  My plan was to just use easy effort and see what happened.

The start of the ride was wet and mucky - spray off the vehicles overtaking me was particularly muddy and gritty.  And I got absolutely filthy!!
But about half way around, that all changed.  The sun came out, and it was gorgeous.  I almost regretted having limited time for todays ride....... but climbing with my wife is just as important!!

I was really surprised that I finished the route in 1:24, the fastest I've ridden it by about a minute, and with far less effort.

Enjoyed that!!

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