Thursday, 17 February 2011

Two Rides ;o)

I wanted to be home when Lorna got in at lunchtime, so I said that I'd do an appropriately short ride this morning. The Scotty Dog circuit takes about 2½ hours, so that was perfect.
I already knew that there was a section of closed road to I'd planned a detour that gave me an extra climb - so that was good!!
There was slightly more headwind than I was expecting in the middle section, but it didn't hold me up too much, and this was a pretty regulation ride.

I had a little firtle with my saddle position once I got back. Back a bit and down slightly. Once Lorna went back to work I thought I'd have a slightly quicker and shorter blast around the short loop (20.8 miles!) I was happy with the altered seat position and with the pace of the ride. It's not often that I average over 18mph, and I was feeling pretty strong.

A reasonable days training given that it was going to be an easy day!

Planning to go longer tomorrow!

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