Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Terrible wind..!!

Same route as yesterday!

For the first 6 miles I was thinking "This is impressive - averaging 19mph uphill..."  i should have known better.

Nope I wasn't "Riding like a Lion" - more like a very small kitten with LOTS of assistance

Turning IN to the wind brought me back to earth :o)

When the "Ear Thunder" suggests that you are doing at least 35 mph, and the cycle computer tells you that it's actually 14mph - you know that you are in for a bit of work!!
With my 'general' rides though, I'm riding to perceived effort, so a headwind just translates to smaller gears and lower speeds.

This was in fact, another very enjoyable ride.  A little slower than yesterday, but the training is all about getting the miles in, at the moment.

And then Lorna and I went to climb ourselves to arm-oblivion.  Great day :o)

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