Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Scotty Dog Route - 42

Scotty Dog 42
So called because that's the shape it is on the map!!  It is pretty much my bread and butter ride now.  There are only a few sections on busy roads, and most of it is gently undulating and on quiet minor roads.  And it's just a pleasant ride!

Great for simply getting in the miles - which is going to be something of a theme until May.
And double sessions are on the near horizon too!

The plan this morning has been a little different.  Lorna had suggested that we have a ride together, long enough that she'd be able to get back to do Mum-Taxi duty - but we woke up too late, so I was hoofed out of the door on my own.

So a quick change of plan - a slightly pacier ride and slightly longer became the option, and I thought I probably had enough time for the Scotty Dog.

It was much milder today, so reasonable to wear less clothing!  I'm still somewhat defensively keep my slightly dodgy knee warm with longs, but I dispensed with the windproofs today!

It was a fantastic ride.  Very pleased with the pace/effort.  I'm not quick - but the build-up to the 10 FW's is so much more about endurance and strength endurance.  So I'm concentrating in time in the saddle, and letting the body decide what pace results.

The plan for the moment is miles, and more miles, and more miles.  And some specific hill climbing reps - although I have to travel a little to find suitable gradients to play with.

Good ride that - enjoyed it.

I'll be heading off for a few hours climbing this afternoon, after which I need to finish off the information that I'm sending to Macmillan Cancer Support.
And I may also speak to the chap that provided us with some electrolyte drinks to test about doing some testing for him during the event.  I used it today, and was quite pleased with its palatability.  Water can get a bit tedious on the bike!  More details later if anything comes of that.

It's all starting to some together :-)
And HUGE thanks to those of you who have donated to my JustGiving site and given that a fantastic kickstart.  

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